Our advantage

1.Powerful engine with convenient service
2.Fiberglass reinforced plastic engine cover could be lift, making maintenance a easy work
3.Rotatable chair and ergonomics layout design of operating table provide a comfortable operation 
4.Auto-rod loader and auto-anchoring make the job more easy and more efficient and help to reduce labor cost.
5.Cylinder hydraulic system supply more stable thrust-pull system, make any difficult job easier and stable. 
6.Beyond customers’ expectation
7.The best cost performance: Best quality & Lowest price
8.From Hanlyma you are not only to buy the HDD machine, but also perfect service all over the world
9.Engineer could be available 24 hours to help customer and supply all kind of information on machine, tools, construction…
10.Powerful training center can supply all kinds of training all over the world.


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